Travel Across the Seven Kingdoms With This Immersive Game of Thrones Itinerary in Ireland

Day 4: The Iron Islands Coastline

Winter has arrived as far as Westeros is concerned, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the beauty of Dorne and the rustic majesty of the Iron Islands. Game of Thrones is filmed worldwide in countries like Croatia, Iceland, Spain, and Morocco. But, home to more Seven Kingdoms locations than anywhere else in the world, Northern Ireland is the ultimate GoT destination, and the 15th century castles and luscious green hills are calling us to live out the most epic Westeros-themed vacation. A Game of Thrones Adventure of Northern Ireland itinerary exists, which takes guests all across Northern Ireland.

The four-day experience from itinerary company Original Travel lays out an all-encompassing adventure through some of the show’s most memorable destinations — you can even get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at some of the series’ hidden details! Meet up with a private guide to relive Theon Greyjoy’s homecoming with a private horseback ride through the Iron Islands or go on a private tour of Winterfell to admire the gothic architecture and take an archery class in honor of Robb Stark. You can also explore the actual underground caverns where Melisandre gave birth to her terrifying shadow baby.

If you’re interested in seeing what goes on behind the camera, you can meet with the goldsmiths who handcrafted the jewelry for a few of the fictional royals on the show, including the Lannister lion pendants and the Baratheon stag pins. To really get some insider secrets before the premiere of season eight, you could visit the show’s official Weapons Master, who will share the symbolic meaning behind several of the show’s most well-known weapons, including swords (Needle?), axes, and Valyrian steel daggers.

The total cost of the trip is $3,500 per person, which sounds like a Lannister’s debt, to say the least. But it isn’t just for Game of Thrones fans. This itinerary also gives visitors a glimpse at some of Ireland’s rich and vibrant history, from a stop to meet the owner at one of Ireland’s smallest pubs to a peek at the ancient Irish art of weapon forging and blacksmithing. With such incredible views, it’s no wonder Northern Ireland was chosen as the filming location for such a fantastical world.

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