This is what 52 looks like

This is what 52 looks like: Nutritionist says eating TEN portions of fruit and veg a day keeps her youthful

  • Jane Michell, 52, from London is a mother-of-three who works as a nutritionist
  • She says eating ten portions of fruit and vegetables a day keeps her healthy
  • She maintains her hair’s youthful volume by using products from John Frieda 

Jane Michell lives in London with her fiance Luke. She has three children, William, 22, Olivia, 21, and Tom, 16. She is a nutritionist and entrepreneur.


Every day, I aim to eat a ‘rainbow’ plate of ten portions of fruit and vegetables — with as many different colours as possible. For breakfast, I eat porridge with red berries; then a vegetable soup at lunch. At dinner, I usually go for salmon, with a fresh salad. For a snack, I’ll munch on raw carrot, cucumber, celery and pepper crudites. If I don’t get my portions in, I feel so lacklustre.


A few years ago, I started getting red, dry patches on my nose and forehead. It made me feel self-conscious and I had to wear more make-up. My usual Clarins moisturiser seemed to make it worse. So I went to Space NK for advice and they recommended REN Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream (£32, It’s not too heavy or greasy. I apply it every morning and it has really helped to calm the redness.

Mother-of-three Jane Michell, 52, (pictured) revealed how spray tans and John Freida’s Luxurious Volume hair products help to maintain her ageless appearance

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I have a lot of hair, but it’s fine, frizzy, and has got more brittle with age. So, every morning, I wash it using John Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo and Conditioner (£5.99 each, Then I rough-dry it with a hairdryer, before putting five Velcro rollers in the top layer. I leave them in for about 20 minutes, while I drive my son to school — much to his embarrassment! My face has got longer with age, so this helps to add body and volume to my hair, which I find more flattering.


My goal is to look healthy. I’m a fan of spray tans, for a gentle glow. They stop me disappearing when I wear greys and pastels. For holidays, I treat myself to a 40-minute St Tropez treatment.


It’s important to check in with young people and stay up-to-date. I love going shopping with my daughter. She spends much more than me on make-up and is always giving me advice. For example, I’ve stopped wearing eyeliner under my eyes, as apparently this is very ‘dated’. She’ll say things like: ‘Mum, your eyebrows are disappearing!’ So I started getting them tinted. 

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