Son of one of America’s most prolific mob bosses John Gotti reveals what his childhood was like in a Mafia family

THE son of one of America’s most feared mob bosses has revealed what life was like growing up in a Mafia family.

John Gotti Jr, the son of John Gotti Senior who ran arguably the US’s most powerful crime syndicate in the 1980s, has given a unique insight in a new History UK documentary.

Gotti’s gangster dad became the boss of Ney York City’s infamous Gambino crime family in December 1985.

The mobster made hundreds of millions of dollars a year from hijacking, loan sharking, racketeering, drug trafficking, bookmaking, prostitution, illegal gambling, extortion, pornography, prostitution and other criminal activities.

He managed to evade guilty verdicts in court for years and eventually earned the nickname The Teflon Don because prosecutors failed to make criminal charges stick.

In 1992 Gotti was finally locked up and went on to spend the majority of his life in effective solitary confinement, only allowed out his cell for an hour a day.

He has been jailed for a string of offences, including five murders.

And I watched all the people come and go every day, gravitate to him and circle around him, and want to please him.

The crime boss died in 2002 aged 61 after being diagnosed with throat cancer.

Now his son has spoken out in a series about his life in the Mafia family, which inspired TV shows like the Sopranos.

Gotti Jr, 55, said: “From the time I was, you know I guess up until I was 13 and my father had done about nine years in prison.

“You know, all your friends their fathers are around and active in their lives, but, you know my father was, for the most part, absent.

“The kids would giggle and say, you know, you don’t have a father. Your father’s not coming home.


“Yeah your mother’s a single parent. I’d go home and I would share that with my mother.

“Bless her heart, my mother, love her to death rollers in her hair, slippers on, Vicki Gotti walking down the block, and call out the parent.

“My mother protected us like a fierce mother bear. But she made our home probably as normal as possible.”

He told documentary makers how his father had an “intoxicating”, confident personality.

He said: “It’s intoxicating. My father’s charisma was, on a scale of one to 10, it was 11.

“And I watched all the people come and go every day, gravitate to him and circle around him, and want to please him.

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“I just wanted to be like him. Most sons aspire to be like their father in some way, shape or form.

“If my father had told me, John we’re butchers. That’s who we are, so go get a smock.

“And I would put my smock on, I would tie it in the back and I would start cutting the meat.”


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