Can't Get Enough of Aladdin's Naomi Scott? Wait Until You Hear Her Sing

Can’t Get Enough of Aladdin’s Naomi Scott? Wait Until You Hear Her Sing

One of the best updates to Disney’s new live-action adaptation of Aladdin is Jasmine’s solo song, “Speechless.” Not only does the song give Jamsine her time to shine, but the use of actress Naomi Scott’s voice is a brilliant choice because she has a set of pipes that would make any Disney princess proud!

Audiences first got a taste of Scott’s voice with her role in Disney Channel’s 2011 TV movie Lemonade Mouth, and its accompanying short Lemonade Mouth: Somebody. She’s independently released two EPs (Invisible Division and Promises), but her focus has mainly been on her ever-growing acting career. Luckily, when you’re as talented as Scott, you can do both! Watch Scott performing Jasmine’s new solo, “Speechless” ahead, as well as a few other videos showing off her impressive vocals.

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