Student issues warning after at-home tint kit left her HOSPITALISED when it burned her eyebrows

Montanna Eastwood, 19, had used the kit in the hope that it would make her brows darker – but ended up in hospital.

Removing the dye after just five minutes, Montanna found that her brows were slightly darker.

The hairdressing student was initially happy with the result but two hours later a rash appeared.

It started to burn and weep, which continued over the next few hours.

After being left in agony overnight, Montanna went to hospital where she was administered steroid tablets and antihistamine to help the burning to go down.

Montanna, from Bideford, Devon, said: "I decided to dye my eyebrows at home because I just wanted them a little darker so I didn't have to wear as much make-up to fill them in.

"It was a kit that I hadn't used before but as I only left it on for five minutes I was mortified that it had done so much damage.

"A few hours after I removed the dye I noticed that there was a rash and it was itchy. But then as the evening went on it started getting sore and started weeping with liquid.

"It was getting unbearable by Monday so I went to doctors where they gave me some cream.

"But by the next day I was in agony and could barely open my eyes, so had to go to the hospital.

"They gave me steroid tablets and antihistamine – the professionals have been very helpful at getting me on the road to recovery."

Despite having never used the tint before, Montanna claims she stuck to the instructions precisely.

She said: "I only left it on for five minutes and took it off in the way I was instructed to.

"I didn't do a patch test as I always dye my hair, so assumed this would be fine too.

"I was very lucky that I didn't lose any hair as a result of the dye – but the skin underneath and surrounding my brow is completely burned.

"I want people to learn from what has happened to me as I wouldn't want anyone to go through something this painful.

"I would warn everyone to do a patch test of the dye even when you're doing it yourself.

"I have dyed my hair so many times and my body has never had this sort of a reaction – but it just shows that your body is constantly changing.

"A patch test doesn't take long at all and can save you from a lot of pain and aggravation!"

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