Parents share seemingly-innocent drawings their kids have made that are actually REALLY rude

But red-faced mums and dads may wish to leave these unintentionally rude or dodgy scribbles off their fridges to avoid any embarrassment.

Included among the seemingly-innocent drawings is a doodle of a girl sitting on the grass that looks remarkably like a penis.

And another cringe-inducing picture created by a five-year-old of her mum, shows a woman clutching a large bottle of wine.

Meanwhile, another awkward creation is an Easter egg card that resembles a female’s genitals.

Here, parents share the comical drawings kids have done that are actually really rude or totally inappropriate…

Hang on

Eggcellent shape?


Bare-ly acceptable

Wine not

Ballsed that one up

Not kidding

Rising to the occasion

Facing the facts

In the buff

What the hell

Taking it on the chin

Meanwhile, this sweet moment between new dad eating cheesecake with his baby infuriates mum.

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