Kylie Jenner’s Lip Tutorial on Mom Kris Is Too Cute

Awww! Bringing cute Kardashian content to your Friday, Kylie Jenner Opens a New Window. did a lip tutorial with her mom Kris Jenner Opens a New Window. and we cannot get enough. On March 14, E! uploaded a Youtube video of the mother-daughter duo doing a lip tutorial.

“I thought today would be the perfect day to teach Kris Jenner how to do the Kylie lip,” the Kylie Cosmetics founder said in her super glitzy silver sequined dress and oversized earrings.

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The momager — also in a shimmery ensemble — then makes a joke that she’s never done a “Kylie lip” herself because she has her youngest do it for her. “It’s about time,” she said. “I’m so used to you doing it for me and now it’s time for you to teach how to do it by myself.”

Throughout the video the two chat as Kris, in the most mom-like Opens a New Window. way, asks her daughter all kinds of different questions about her glittery eyes Opens a New Window. , big earrings and how she comes up with the product names. At one point, the makeup mogul even asks her to stop talking so she can do her lip liner. Is there anything more relatable?

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    After choosing to do a glossy nude instead of a bold red Opens a New Window. , the blonde Jenner starts to goes to work on her mom. She explains that she exaggerates the lips by over-lining, following the natural lip line. “Go way over,” the youngest Jenner says. “You do go way over,” the matriarch teases.

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    The youngest self-made billionaire (according to Forbes) then applies a matte lippie and taps Kris’ puckered lips, “to make sure there’s nothing crazy going on.” She finishes it up with a pop of gloss overtop.

    Throughout they compliment each other’s outfits, abilities and beauty. And their loving, playful relationship is just so adorable we may have rewatched the video a couple of times. TGIF!

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