Kendall Jenner is morphing into Emily Ratajkowski by copying her naked Instagram poses and stylish outfits

THE Kardashians pride themselves on setting the latest fashion trends, but little sister Kendall Jenner is decidedly less independent with her choices.

The 23-year-old model appears to be taking inspiration from actress Emily Ratajkowski, 27, with copycat poses and outfits.

Here we reveal the proof the reality star is morphing into the A-list actress…

Send nudes?

Emily's arguably as famous for her nearly-naked Instagram pics as she is for her acting/modelling career – racking up a huge 22.3 million followers.

And the pulling power of these saucy snaps hasn't gone unnoticed on Kendall, who's been revealing more and more in recent months.

Whether she's sipping a glass of wine wearing nothing but her knickers, or stripping off in the snow, Kendall's keen to make sure those gruelling Victoria's Secret workouts don't go unnoticed.


Of course, Emily can justify her near-constant stream of naked snaps by the fact she has her own itty bitty swimwear line, which she needs to promote.

And Kendall proved she really is the ultimate fan by posting a mirror selfie wearing one of Emily's own designs this weekend.

She's been ramping up the swimwear shots in recent months and it's not gone unnoticed on us, Kenny.

Hung out to dry

Of course, even the Insta-famous elite have to wear clothes from time to time – and the similarities between Kendall and Emily don't end when they leave the house.

Whether it's black sequin dresses, brown suede jackets, bright yellow dresses or nude suit skirts, it's not just Emily's bikinis Kendall is borrowing.

They've got identical red puffer jackets too, proving even these girls get cold from time-to-time.

Kendall's shoulder-length dark locks are also twinning with Emily's, with the pair both sporting a signature messy down look, but favouring a slick up-do for nights out.

Poised to perfection

With deep brown eyes and plumped pouts, the similarities between these two are obvious, but their matching poses go beyond this.

Whether it's a sultry bite of the finger, a flash of the butt for a belfie or a suggestive off-the-shoulder clothing snap, Emily certainly knows her best angles – and Kendall's not afraid to copy them.

Not just a pretty face

It's not just their wardrobes, poses and stunning looks these girls have in common – they're also both passionate about politics.

Kendall used her social media power for good ahead of the most recent US presidential election, when Donald Trump went up against Hillary Clinton in November 2016.

She dressed in a pair of jeans with a cut-out of the American flag, as well as a slogan T-shirt reading "VOTE", to encourage her 108 million followers to get out and have their say.

While Emily took to the streets back in October, for a protest about Judge Brett Kavanaugh – who's been accused of sexual assault by three women.

Wearing a white T-shirt and jeans, just like Kendall, she held a placard reading "respect female existence or expect our resistance".

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