Hottest over 50s in Britain revealed by dating app – but would you swipe right for these golden oldies?

Chosen from a list of more than 250,000 singletons signed up to over 50s dating app Lumen, the popular daters receive up to six times the number of visits when compared to other users on the platform.

Aged between 50 and 60, they also receive 280 per cent more messages when compared to other singletons.

But what makes them so popular?

According to co-founder and CMO of Lumen Charly Lester, each member of the group has detailed, honest profiles with a range of photographs – which could be contributing to their popularity.

Angela Hodgson, 50

50-year-old Angela is an Admin and Customer Services Assistant from Reading.

After being single for 11 years, Angela is looking for someone "tall [and] fairly good-looking" with "nice teeth".

"I have been single for a while and I would love to find something long term," she said.

"However, I won’t settle into something that isn’t right or suitable for my current lifestyle."

Angela receives twice as many profile visits and four times more messages than other users.

Kamay Lau, 56

Kamay – who receives 4.5 times the number of profile visits and triple the number of messages – is a 56-year-old model living in London.

Divorced Kamay is looking for someone "kind and fun".

She explained: "Kindness and fun is what I am looking for in the next person I date.

"I would like to meet someone that is witty, spiritual, easy on the eyes and with an interesting character – someone with richness in their heart and soul."

Genevieve, 58

Genevieve, from Berkshire, is 58 and a former French and Spanish teacher.

Receiving three times more messages and visits than average, she's looking for a match who's professional and sophisticated.

Rob Smith, 60

60-year-old Rob has been single for just a year and receives a whopping six times more visits and three times more messages than the average user.

He works in security and is looking for someone he has a genuine connection with.

Antimo Pedata, 52

Professional chef and yoga instructor Antimo was born in Italy and has three children from a previous marriage.

The 52-year-old receives three times more profile visits and just over double the number of messages than the average Lumen user.

Joel Nathan, 50

50-year-old Joel receives a whopping eight times more messages and four times the number of profile visits than the average over-50 male.

A corporate catering entrepreneur with two young daughters, Joel is looking for a fun and family-orientated match.

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