Why Anthony Wong is not happy with his previous Best Actor triumphs

HONG KONG – Anthony Wong has not been always proud of the movies he acted in, even if they helped him clinch two Best Actor prizes in the Hong Kong Film Awards (HKFA).

He bagged his first in 1994 for The Untold Story, where he played a serial killer. But he dismissed the movie, saying it was “selling violence, blood and sex”.

“Back then, you signed the contract first. When they wanted to make the movie, sometimes you would get the script, sometimes not,” said Wong, 57, who won Best Actor again in 1999 for action flick Beast Cops.

In recent years, he has noted the declining influence of Hong Kong cinema, with players having to abide by conditions set by Beijing if they wanted to tap the lucrative Chinese box office.

That is why Wong has extended a helping hand to nurture young blood in Hong Kong where the authorities have also set up a film development fund.

He worked for free in Still Human, about a disabled person who learns to embrace life again. On Sunday (April 14), that riveting performance nailed him his third Best Actor prize.

“The character is paralysed (in plain view). But my paralysis is hidden. I can relate to what the character said: What dreams do I have?” Wong said, hinting of the punishment he got over his political views.

He has been absent from major Hong Kong-China ventures after he supported the pro-democracy “umbrella movement” in 2014.

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