Kelowna’s Studio9 brings The Beatle’s Yellow Submarine to life

Studio9 School of the Arts, a private school that integrates the arts into the school curriculum, is finishing its school year off with a performance of Yellow Submarine.

The 100 students of all ages have been working for months to bring the 1968 animated movie starring The Beatles back to life.

“We have this vivacious 60s vibe full of all this life, creativity and imagination,” said Shannon Mason-Brown, drama teacher and director.


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“The blue meanies are the bad guys and they turn everyone to stone. So this little girl, Fredricka, goes on an adventure in a Yellow Submarine to find The Beatles and bring them back to her home town to bring back music and art to free everyone from being in stone.”

In the scene, Sea of Monsters put to the music of The Beatles 1967 hit, I am The Walrus. Students designed their own monsters that were then turned into life-sized two-dimensional puppets that scare The Beatles and Fredricka while on their journey back to her home town.

Two dances in the play were choreographed by a 14-year-old student that include stunts, flips and monsters.

“The Diamond Dancers are these creepy, not really monsters, but they are trying to scare The Beatles and bring on the puppets at the end,” said Grade 9 student Rio Justice.

After pouring all their loving into their rendition of the play, the students said they are looking forward to the curtain going up.

“We have worked so hard and it’s nice to see it all come together now, it’s amazing,” said Ava Clark, a Grade 11 student.

The play will run from June 12 to 14. Tickets are available at

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