12 Strong Celebrity Friendships We Can't Get Enough of

Having a best friend is really about having a partner in crime who totally gets you. A best friend likes you despite your imperfections, always stands up for you and is there to comfort you when things go wrong. So, when we spot these lovable qualities — along with lots of others — in a strong female celebrity friendship, we can’t get enough of it. It’s especially rare to see celebrity BFFs showing love for one another IRL,  we definitely think it should be highlighted.

Celebrity besties like Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini, Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King, and even Game of Thrones stars Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams are currently setting the tone for what a modern, supportive, strong celebrity friendship between women really looks like. On their own, these women are dynamic, intelligent, driven and we love watching their careers take them to exciting places. But together, BFF duos like these are unbeatable — and we love it so much. The fact that famous actresses, models and singers actually share super close bonds with each other warms our hearts because we can relate.

While some famous gal-pals are pitted against each other and touted as rivals, these best friends walk the red carpet together, share silly moments on Instagram and have become like family. These women have helped each other stay strong even in trying times.

Here are our favorite celebrity BFFs who continue to surprise and inspire us. And then maybe call your own BFF and catch up with them.

Leah Remini & Jennifer Lopez

These celebs first met each other at the premiere of the 2004 film Man on Fire when Lopez’s now ex-husband Marc Anthony introduced the two, most recently acting together in the 2018 rom-com Second Act.

Lopez told the Oprah Magazine, “It was one of those instant chemistry things where you just feel like, ‘I love this person. I love being around this person. This person makes me laugh.’”

Courteney Cox & Jennifer Aniston

It’s hardly a surprise that Cox and Aniston have remained friends after working together for more than a decade on the beloved television series Friends, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love seeing these two support each other endlessly. From showering each other with love on their birthdays to sticking by each other through tough times, Cox and Aniston are the definition of “BFFs.”

Meghan Markle & Priyanka Chopra

As working actresses, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex (formerly Markle) and Chopra hit it off when they learned they were fans of each other’s shows, Suits and Quantico respectively. But the pair bonded over more than just show business.

“She’s always been someone who’s so just aware and interested in the world,” Chopra said in an interview on The Jenny McCarthy Show. “That’s what we bonded on—was how much we feel like we contribute to that as public people.”

Katy Perry & Allison Williams

Perry and Williams claim that they are so close, they have “best friend telepathy” and even dyed their hair blonde on the same day back in 2017. Though Perry has reached a different level of fame than Williams, Williams says there are advantages to being lesser known.

“I get to experience the city in a way that—if I may name-drop for a second—someone like Katy Perry, who’s a really good friend, doesn’t get to. She doesn’t get to do what we just did. That’s not a universe she can experience anymore,” says Williams.

Taylor Swift & Blake Lively

Lively and Swift love to share gems from their friendship on social media and we can’t get enough. We loved seeing a pic of the cake Lively sent Swift that had a picture of Swift’s cats on it, and also pics of when they shaired a day off work in Australia riding roller coasters and playing with koala bears. They also enjoy hanging out with Lively’s husband, Ryan Reynolds, and their two kids. Swift even featured three-year-old James Reynolds’ voice on her song “Georgous.”  It seems their friendship is based on family and fun and we love it.. 

Julianne Hough & Nina Dobrev

Though they’ve only known each other for about seven years, Hough and Dobrev have a strikingly strong connection possibly because neither one seems to take fame or celebrity too seriously.

Dobrev told People, “We are goofy, we like to laugh, we like to play with our dogs and hang out and watch movies and get ready together and go places together. We just like to be around each other. I can only speak for myself, but Julianne is such a positive, awesome person. She has an infectious energy that you just want to be around, so selfishly I am just trying to get a little bit of her energy transferred to me.” 

Busy Philipps & Michelle Williams

After meeting two decades ago on the TV show Dawson’s Creek, these soul-sisters are like two peas in a pod, Lucky for us, Philipps and Williams love to share all their activities on Instagram and we can’t be more excited to get a peek into their lives. Whether it’s scarfing giant bowls of pasta, taking mirror selfies or walking the red carpet, Philipps and Williams have each other’s backs.  

Eva Longoria & Victoria Beckham 

While some BFFs bond over food or work, Longoria and Beckham have famously bonded over fashion. When Longoria married Jose Baston in 2016, she asked Beckham to create her wedding gown for one sweet reason.

“I asked Victoria to do my dress because I wanted it to be special and made with love – and I knew Victoria would make it with love,” she said to Hello Magazine. Beckham even named a shoe she designed the “Eva” pump. 

Gayle King & Oprah Winfrey

For a long time, the public only knew King as TV mogul Winfrey’s sidekick until she became a cohost on CBS This Morning with Winfrey supporting her every step of the way.

Perhaps their relationship has lasted so long because the two long-term friends claim they bonded over something precious to them – their dreams. According to The Cut, Winfrey has said of their bond: “We were two black girls who loved being black, who loved the experience of growing up black girls in America, and we felt our value system was very much the same — our dreams were the same.”

Mindy Kaling & Reese Witherspoon

Though actresses Kaling and Witherspoon have been fans of each other for a long time, they didn’t get their friendship on until they made the 2018 film A Wrinkle in Time, where they each played mystical space travelers. Witherspoon also has the cutest nickname for Kaling, calling her “Min Diesel”. We think we should all come up with cute nicknames for our BFFs.

Amy Schumer & Jennifer Lawrence

Not only have Schumer and Lawrence vacationed together, danced together on stage at a Billy Joel concert and given each other relationship advice, but they have also actually written a screenplay together.

So what’s the movie about? “It’s about two sisters who go on a road trip to try to connect with their brother,” Lawrence told Andy Cohen when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live.

Hopefully, it will be made soon because we’d love to see this friendship go to the next level.

Sophie Turner & Maisie Williams

The Game of Thrones actresses met on the set of the hit show when they were just kids and became instant BFFs. They’ve been known to fix each other’s dresses on the red carpet and now have matching tattoos.

About getting inked, Turner told Elle UK: “We always said that we wanted them so we got the date 07.08.09 on our arms because that’s the date that both of us found out we’d got our roles in Game of Thrones. So when we had a day off from filming in Belfast we just went to a tattoo place and got it done.”

We sure would love to see them in a movie together… maybe a teen comedy? 

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