Is ‘Peace at Last’ a New Song by Taylor Swift & Katy Perry?

There are so many theories going around online after Katy Perry shared a photo of cookies baked by Taylor Swift with the phrase “Peace at Last” on the plate.

So, what could this mean? The most common theory is that “Peace at Last” might be a collaboration between the two stars that is coming out soon.

Taylor and Katy are both getting ready to release new albums after they dropped their new singles “ME!” and “Never Really Over,” respectively, in the last few weeks.

As most fans of Taylor know, 13 is her lucky number and there’s a lot of significance when there are 13 of something. Well, “☮️ Peace at Last ☮️” (including the emojis), “Let’s Be Friends,” and “Taylor and Katy” are all 13 characters in length.

Taylor also commented on the Instagram post with 13 hearts!

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feels good 🧡 @taylorswift

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