Halsey Sparks Online Debate About Sex Workers

Halsey took to Twitter over the weekend to open an extended conversation about sex work after receiving backlash for having used the caption “#supportsexworkers” on one of her Instagram Stories.

“Just to be clear. I DO support sex workers. I support consenting humans in the field. My statement obviously excludes people forced into sex work. It all comes back to autonomy and choice,” Halsey tweeted, encouraging her fans to see the difference between those who have been forced into the field and those who chose it as their line of work.

Responding to comments from fans, she clarified that “sex work and sex trafficking are wildly different subjects!!!!!!!” and it is “cultural and regional differences that complicate the conversation.”

“I always try to listen and educate myself, but I hope you keep this same energy with all your other favorite artists who have been to a strip club before and your not just attacking me because I said I support the women involved,” Halsey concluded.

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