Cory Booker Hints He Could Ask Rosario Dawson to Marry Him Before 2020

Cory Booker is brushing off questions he could be the first unmarried President in over a century … by hinting he could propose to Rosario Dawson before 2020!!!

The Jersey Senator and presidential hopeful was on RuPaul‘s new talk show … and RuPaul asks him straight-up about the potential awkwardness of being elected Prez while he’s still single. 

Ya gotta see Cory’s answer … sounds like marriage is definitely on his mind. 

TMZ broke the story … Rosario confirmed back in March she’s in a serious, loving relationship with Cory … and they’re still going strong, ’cause she was smiling in the studio audience while RuPaul grilled her man! 

Grover Cleveland in 1886 and James Buchanan in 1857 are the only bachelors ever to be elected to the White House … and it sounds like Cory doesn’t see himself joining that exclusive club. 

Check your local listings to watch RuPaul’s full interview with Cory today on his new, daily talk show, “RUPAUL” … airing on select FOX TV stations for the next 3 weeks. 

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