Ben Affleck Is A Proud Dad Picking Up Son Samuel & Daughter Seraphina From School — New Pics

Ben Affleck was spotted picking up his kids Samuel & Seraphina from school on Mar. 21!

Why wear one blazer when you can wear two?! Ben Affleck, 46, was seen bundling up as he picked up his kids from school on Mar. 21. While holding hands with Samuel, 7, Ben also walked aside Seraphina, 10. At one point during their stroll home, Ben was also seen carrying Seraphina’s tie-dye backpack for her. Seriously, he’s such a good dad! In fact, Samuel and Seraphina were also seen picking up trash at the beach with Ben on Mar. 16 in Santa Monica.

Ben, who has been seen co-parenting with his ex Jennifer Garner, 46, in recent months, opened up on the Today show about how “of course” he still loves her. “She’s wonderful,” Ben said on the Mar. 4 episode. “Somebody’s the mother of your kids, they’re going to be the most important, central person in your life, and that’s good.” He added, “I hope I’m a pretty good dad. I certainly try very hard. I’m lucky they’ve got a great mom, and she helps out a great deal with making sure that we co-parent in as good a way as possible.”

Ben also stopped by Ellen, where he told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, 61, that he’s actually coaching Samuel’s little league team. “I’m a coach on the Little League team. It’s going great,” Affleck admitted. “He’s awesome. It’s a lot of fun, the kids are great kids. I do have to wear a Dodgers hat because that is the team. But you know, it’s one of those things you love it so much. It’s the dad dream to be the coach of your son or your daughter and their Little League team. It’s very exciting.”

“People have been very cool,” he added. “I had a game last week and I was promoting the movie and I was going to Asia and I was like, ‘I have to come back a day early! And they were like, ‘What’s the [issue]?’ And I was like, ‘My son’s little league game… I’m the coach!’ But thank you, Netflix — they did let me come back here, so I appreciate it.”

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